Neighborhood Spotlight

Meet Suzy.

A single mother of 3. Her days are filled with chaos. Between getting up early to prepare meals for her children, dropping them off at daycare, sports practice, and holding a job, she struggles with finding balance. To further add difficulty, her job earnings do not address the rising costs of living. Suzy absolutely LOVES her children and will do ANYTHING to provide them with the best parental support and upbringing possible because anything less than her BEST would mean (to her) that she doesn’t love them enough to provide. 

She desires to feed her children nutritious food but constantly finds herself contemplating what she should sacrifice on to make that happen, let alone the time it takes to make that happen. Does she sacrifice daycare, extra curricular sports, diet?  She wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she had to make changes that are associated to the enrichment of her children’s lives. So what does she do? 

She confides in a friend, which is where she is introduced to Cup O’ Sugar – an app that allows users to share food excess, make requests for items, and connect with an enriching community. This is where the “ah-ha” moment occurred. Suzy realizes that even though she’s on a tight grocery budget, there are many times where she is tossing out what once was good into the trash because her kids are getting tired of the same old stuff. 

She decides this is enough! Instead of throwing away good food, she utilizes the Cup O’ Sugar platform. By simply scanning the barcode, her posts are up in under 30 seconds & her community is engaged. Suzy frequently browses the “Up for Grabs” section in the app to see what others are sharing that she might be able to grab & if she is needing something in particular, she makes a request for it. Her kids are enjoying the variety in meals & loving all the new friends they’ve met through the connections their mother has made. Suzy’s life is more enriched.

Meet Richard.

An out-of-state first year college student living in the dorms on campus. Money is tight & the food budget even tighter. Sharing and requesting food ingredients on the Cup O’ Sugar app allows him to stretch that dollar further and expand his options of food to eat. This makes his college experience that much greater & he’s been able to meet more students this way.