Our Story

It’s not everyday that you observe a duo like this.

Two American women; an Irish Norwegian Christian and a Palestinian Muslim, the odds of a budding friendship were against them. But defying odds and going against cultural norms has always been a part of who they are.

In 2012 – their paths crossed at a Holistic Moms Network meeting in San Diego, California and the rest is history.  From then on their friendship has developed into the strong bond it is today.

From sharing recipes and cooking together, to making homemade household products and learning parenting hacks, to reading and attending conferences together, which ultimately led to the realization that they are 99.9% in alignment with each other’s views on life.

Sure, it might not look plausible from the outside but you’d be surprised at how much similarity is really there.

So what led to the development of Cup O’ Sugar?

A late night baking session and no eggs!  

Their kids were fast asleep and all nearby grocery stores were closed. Rema sent a text to a neighbor and employed the “cup of sugar” philosophy. Sure enough, 3 eggs were shared and the baking began.

And that was the beginning.

Meet the Team


Brook Sheehan

Founder & CFO

10+ years experience in financial accounting, 5+ years in nutritional sciences, an environmental activist passionate about social change. When she’s not stuck behind a book with a cup of coffee, you can find her in graduate classes.

Definitely the LEFT BRAIN of the company.

IMG_9111 (1)

Rema Abedkader

Founder & CEO

12+ years in the non-profit sector with a background in sociology, passionate about solving cultural issues. When she’s not whipping up amazing delectable’s in the kitchen, you can find her creating fashionable masterpieces. 

Definitely the RIGHT BRAIN of the company.